NRCD Race Carburettor

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  • NRCD Racing Carburetor FT PWK
  • 21mm to 30mm models available 
  • Flat-slide for increased air flow
  • Polished intake ports
  • Tuneable mixture screw 
  • Dual atmospheric vents
  • Separate float bowl vent 
  • Easier cold starting
  • Smoother idle and acceleration
  • Manual choke 
  • Keihin PWK power needle and main jet kits supplied for fine tuning
  • Quality, high tech internals, parts and porting.
  • Increase in turbulent atomised gas flow to drastically increase horsepower over the factory standard mass produced carbs
  • Reliable and strong performance as tested by us on the racetracks of New Zealand
  • Includes our comprehensive jet kit and intake manifold for easy fitment, use the jet we fit or dial it in to suit your ride style with our own extra jets kit included.
  • Includes our washable, reusable race foam air filter.
  • Please choose from the drop down menu
  • 21mm to fit 70cc to 110cc
  • 26mm to fit 125cc to 140cc
  • 28mm to fit 150cc to 200cc
  • 30mm to fit 250cc