RSA115 Pocket bike race engine

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NRCD's own generation 8 RSA115 national championship winning engine.

  • Twice the power over standard factory versions
  • Our RSA115 motor is still unbeaten on track times
  • NRCD heavy duty sprockets and drive chain

Culminating in over 8 years of R&D tested on New Zealand race tracks.

If you really want the best out of the box affordable race proven air cooled pocket bike engine then look no further.

Includes :
  • 49cc RSA115 engine Gen 8
  • Modified full circle crank
  • Modified cylinder 
  • Modified reed block
  • Heavy duty alloy pull starter
  • Tuneable pre jetted E3 race carburettor
  • Washable, reusable air filter
  • NGK sparkplug
  • Coil
  • NRCD heavy duty T8F drive chain and sprocket set